LGBTQ? Human rights?

I had a conversation with my mom this morning. She was listening to Catholic radio as usual; I don’t usually like it and I don’t usually agree with political views that are expressed on air (prolife etc).

I’d like to add a disclaimer that this wasn’t posted to disrespect my mom or anyone with differing opinions!

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21 Days of Abundance – Day 2

I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.

Today’s task is a little more private because it has stuff to do with money so I won’t go into detail. Basically, I have to make a list of all my outstanding debts to pay: Bank overdrafts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, personal debts etc.

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21 Days of Abundance – Day 1

Today, I behold the Abundance that surrounds me.

For today’s task, I was made to make a list of 50 people who have influenced my personal growth and development throughout my life. It was recommended that I do this with pen and paper, and that’s what I did. However, the rules aren’t strict and we’re allowed to improvise the tasks to best suit my needs and I decided I was going to write about some of the more notable people that made it to the list on here.

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