A little throwback because I miss preparing lunches for work sometimes! However, since the lockdown, I’ve only been eating homecooked food and I do miss eating out so much!

The easiest and simplest meal that I’ve ever packed for work!

The soba takes about 4 minutes to cook, and the dipping sauce and toppings are also ready-to-eat bought from DAISO and Don Don Donki!

James and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary earlier this month! He brought me to Handlebar! It had a really nice alfresco ambience. I lot of bikers congregate and hang out there for drinks and food.

In the first picture James looks really disturbed because we were overhearing a conversation from a man about his son’s foreskin LOL.

I ordered a simple Fish n Chips and James had something called “Silence of the Lambs”. It was really delicious and super worth it compared to other places. I actually want to try their steak but on that day I only wanted something light. The lamb was super tender as well.

We had cheesecake and creme brulee and they were pretty decent as well. We will definitely return there for more dates in the future!


Occasionally, when Mom cooks for her own packed lunch, she will cook an extra portion so I can also pack my own lunch. This time, I made my own lunch just like everyone else did! It was really nice, a little bit of corned beef and a tomato and onion omelet. Everyone else also had such delicious looking lunches!

R also finally had her own packed lunch because luckily, her landlord’s mom cooked for her!

I need more veggies in my diet, but there aren’t a lot of veggies that I like! I hate carrots and cauliflower, and everything else I just force myself to eat! The only veggies I actually like are broccoli and raw salads like lettuce. I’d like to think I make up for it by eating more fruits and whole grains for nutrients and fiber, but I still doubt that it’s enough!

I feel really happy that my colleagues are beginning to bring their own lunches! It used to be just me and P, and occasionally G. H started joining, then M, and now we are waiting for R to start but she really doesn’t have confidence in her cooking at all ahaha! My new colleague S also occasionally brings her own packed lunch.

I used to feel really sucky because everyone always bought take-out from the nearby hawker centres, resulting in a lot of plastic packaging always being thrown away. There wasn’t really a choice because since most of my colleagues are customer-facing, they can’t leave for lunch because they have to be present in case there’s an appointment or a sudden walk-in. I also didn’t wanna be one of those virtue-signaling, annoying people and nag at them for not caring more about the environment HAHA.

As I said before, it would be nice if more people cared about making less waste, but we shouldn’t guilt people into doing it and instead lead by example!

Here’s a photo of one of the first times that someone else packed lunch besides Gina and me haha! I guess I’m going to make this a regular thing for my blog also, posting the food that I pack for lunch!

I can’t believe I’ve never brought my mom here before! It’s really my favourite soba place and I keep coming back here, bringing different people here all the time. The food is just so delicious and I feel like there’s no where else I can get a taste of something like this!

Well I finally brought my mom and she loved it. She ordered yuzu salmon and I had my usual Avocado Kaisen. She was still weirded out by soup and food being served cold but when I let her try my order she really liked it!

My ex-boss was also really kind and generous, giving my mom and I free Saba fish and mango ice cream cake on top of what we ordered! Not sure if the fish is on the menu but I’ll be sure to order it the next time. Fatty and crispy, cooked to perfection!

I’m definitely bringing my mom here again hehe.

Had Peperoni with my ex colleagues! I love them so much, they are so accomodating to me and they actually came all the way to Tiong Bahru since that was where I was working :’) (also because one was on their off-day and the other ended his shift at 5.30pm so it was just more convenient/time efficient).

We really went through the most together and I love that ever dinner with them is always filled with laughter! Even though we barely see each other, I can say that they are really there for me whenever I need someone.

This dinner, we spent a lot of it laughing about the past and when we used to work for our ex company, talking bout how relieved we were that it was over.

I am thankful for the experience and the people I’ve met working at my old company, but it’s just hard to think about how I always brushed off the toxic (physical and emotional) work environment, how overworked I was and how much drama there was in the office for such a small company. I thought it was normal and that this was just what it was in the working life. The place I’m working at however really proved me wrong. Now my colleagues are so protective over our off-days and working hours and we strictly adhere to them. It’s been a whole month but I haven’t worked extra hours a single time.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t know how blessed I am if it weren’t for my past experiences. I wouldn’t know what’s good if I didn’t know what’s bad. I’m just glad I survived!

I got my first paycheck, and as promised, I took Mom out and treated her to dinner! It was originally supposed to be soba, but here’s what happened.

She was too tired and lazy on Friday to go out for dinner, so she postponed it to the week after. Since we weren’t meeting for dinner, I decided to go over to James’ shop so I could have dinner with him instead. We couldn’t decide on where to have dinner, so we took the bus that goes back to my house and see if there’s anything on the way back. It was a double-decker bus, so when I reached the top and heard someone call “Jess”. I turned around and it was Mom!!! In the end, I forced her to drop off with us so we could still have dinner together!! Super impromptu and coincidental to see her on the bus because she takes different routes home, so I guess it was meant to be!

I loved the KBBQ, and after my bad experience at HillV2’s KBBQ, this really gave me hope again. For dessert, they had this colourful paddlepop/bubblegum ice cream, but the label says caramel. Sure enough, it did taste like caramel! It was super weird because it was hard to connect the colour with the flavour, but it was still delicious anyway! Now I’m hungryyyy!

Simple dinner with James! I love Saizeriya for their affordable food. It’s my favourite place to go if I’m craving pasta but don’t feel like burning a hole in my wallet. They also expanded their dessert menu! James ordered a pistachio cake and I ordered a pana cotta. So… we’re probably gonna go there more often whenever we’re craving for a pocket-friendly meal with good dessert!

Captured a beautiful gradient in the sky during sunset while waiting for mom! We decided to have a last minute trip to IKEA to have some meatballs together. I feel really glad that we work closer to each other now so we can do this more often. Thanks mom for the treat!

IKEA had new things on their menu, including mussels and a huge piece of pork belly. I’m surprised that we finished everything on the table! Very rare of us to do this without James’ help hehe.