Day 49 to 56 – END

Damn, I was almost done with posting every single day for this Circuit Breaker and I couldn’t even do that!

Anyways, I stopped at Tuesday last week. Since then, a lot has happened, not just in my personal life but all over the world.

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Day 41

I can’t believe we only have 2 weeks left of Circuit Breaker! Super excited for it to end and to finally go meet my friends. Of course, I’m hoping that everyone continues to play their part, avoid going out unless necessary and avoid crowded places. As for me, I’ll probably hold out eating out at restaurants for as long as possible. I’ll probably still continue hanging out at T’s house since there are only five of us in our circle, and we don’t have much of a social life either LOL.

Part of our morning ritual now is to say good morning to Puddle.

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