baby steps

I wanted to talk about how shitty I’ve been feeling lately, then I suddenly learned that mercury is in retrograde… so… it seems to be appropriate to blame it on that LOL.

** this post is 2 months overdue oops

Real talk, I haven’t had much to look forward to. It’s like a cycle of getting your shit together and then messing everything up again. One step forward, two steps back. My brain has just been feeling very scramble-y. Then again, when have I not ever felt that way?

I’ve been working from home for the month of June and it was like reliving last year’s quarantine, only not as extreme. Compared to last year, I was rarely alone, we could still go out (although actually I just realised that we didn’t), and we could still have guests and visitors. It’s not as sad and lonely, although sometimes I do miss the alone time that I had. It’s really so rare for me to have alone time nowadays, and even when I do, I’m too tired to fully enjoy it and make full use of it.

There are lots of pros and cons to working from home vs working at the office. The pros of working from home and the things I’m grateful for:

  • Not having to commute to and fro the office
  • Having the time to cook and prepare meals
  • Spending more time with Jace since he’s living with me
  • Generally more energy to exercise and go rollerblading with Jace almost daily
  • Our bedtime routine of watching Dragon Ball Z together and then talking bout random stuff

I’m genuinely enjoying those things, plus definitely cherishing every moment because I know that it’s not going to be a regular occurence. Meanwhile, there are also the less than pleasant parts of working from home, which are:

  • Noisy neighbours!!
  • Unbearable Tropical heat
  • Distractions/Low productivity

I guess it’s not too bad, they are things that I can tolerate until things go back to normal!

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