Slow and steady

Generally, another good week.

Actually, I really need to manage my money better. I used to have it so under control but for some reason I’ve been really shit at saving money 💸 maybe also because lately I’ve been making a lot of plans, like for Jace’s school holidays and my driver’s license. They are really productive and wholesome things though, so I don’t feel like I’ve been wasting money, but I definitely have to slow down on the spending 😅 .

Skipped work on Monday because of a really bad migraine. Last weekend definitely tired me out like crazyyy. Still, did three loads of Laundry and cleaned my room a little bit.

I also finally finished Legend of Korra and I gotta say I really loved the show. Kinda sad both that and Avatar: The Last Airbender wasn’t a part of my childhood but better late than never I guess!

Tuesday, work as usual. Worked out with L in the morning. Other than that, I don’t think anything interesting happened, except that I was planning to sleep at James’ house that night but I got really upset about something that I ended up just going home. No regrets about that though!

Wednesday, another work day. I went over to Yew Tee afterwards to visit Jace in the evening! I promised him that I would send over the toys that he left at my house during the weekdays. I love seeing him and visiting him, but it always hurts to say goodbye 🥲 and listening to him shout “bye, I love you” repeatedly as I walk away from the door. Someday, instead of goodbye it will be goodnight 😌 amen.

When I got home, I was somehow feeling quite productive so I decided to finally tidy up my room after so long. I mention it now and again but the state of my room is really absolutely horrendous. Before and After pictures incoming in case I couldn’t emphasize it enough.

On Thursday, I completed the first stage of 2B practical (for my bike license). It was a great start to the morning! Plus the best part about working in a shophouse was getting to shower when I got to work 😅 . Riding a motorbike isn’t as comfortable as driving in an air-conditioned vehicle, and especially under the hot sun? I would’ve stank all day if not for the shower after that LOL.

Stayed at James’ house that night, caught up on more of Modern Family. I’m not very sure but I think I skipped dinner too because I wasn’t hungry and I was also lazy. Bad!

Then came Friday again! I took a half-day at work, and took the Basic Theory Test in the afternoon. Needless to say it went well! 47/50, just what I needed to pass and such a great start to the weekend!

Afterwards, I went home, tidied up my room a bit more. Then I picked Jace up early for the weekend and brought him to Beauty World where we had dinner together with my mom and Jyle! She was freshly vaccinated for her first dose against CoVID! Excited for her.

Saturday is always lazy, but in the evening I decided to bring Jace to Somerset. Unfortunately it began raining within 10mins of us getting there LOL. So in the end we had dinner at Josh’s Grill which turned out to be great!

Found another contender against Poulet’s cream of mushroom soup. I’ve honestly haven’t been to another place that serves mushroom soup looking so light and being extra creamy.

So on Sunday, I made up for lost skateboard time by bringing Jace to the skatepark in the evening again! Went right after beach cleaning at Sembawang Beach. Another productive day! So glad that K was able to join us.

In the end, had Josh’s Grill for dinner again hahaha! We couldn’t decide where else to eat and it was just too good!

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