Ups and Downs

Lately that’s how I’ve been feeling. The days either go super great or really badly.

I started this week off with a bad mood. Felt a little overwhelmed by how much I have to do and how little I was doing. The state of my room is quite depressing too. At the same time, I knew that if I didn’t have anything to do I’d also be equally as moody.

Thankfully, I was still motivated enough to go to work early and work out with L. We started going to work early to work out in the morning about 3 weeks ago.

Monday night, met up with James and stayed at his house. Every time I feel like I need to chill, I always just make him hang out with me cuz it really helps me to. I feel like whenever I’m alone I always think too much.

We had dinner at Niigata Bento. Since we started dating three years ago, that specific lot in the mall has changed tenants at least 3 times. It’s always F&B, and it’s mostly Japanese food, but there was once I remember it was ice cream and waffles. Not complaining, it’s just that the food is usually good but we don’t know why they can never last.

We were there last week too, but we decided to come back because James spotted something in the menu that he wanted to try only after he’s already ordered his food.

After that, we went to Valu$ and stocked up on some snacks and chocolate, then we went back to his house and finished watching Attack on Titan. Season ended with a cliffhanger yet again! It was pretty epic and it’s kinda hard to believe that it’s all going to end soon. I remember my cousins recommending it to me when I was still a teenager 10 years ago, and now I’m 25 this year still watching it. Nostalgic.

The next day, I woke up feeling kinda good and I did my morning workout! So first two days of the week felt pretty good and productive.

I also had carbonara for lunch from Drips. I liked it, but I still prefer James’ traditional one. I think the carbonara they made was with cream and I felt super full afterwards!

Before I knew it, it was Friday again, and went on with the usual routine of fetching Jace after work for the weekend!

I feel like time has rly been passing by so quickly and my brain can’t catch up. So many things are going on at a time and I can’t seem to gather my thoughts and think about the things that are happening, and instead I’m going through life on autopilot.

The weekend was good. Lazy Saturday as usual, then we had a sleepover at James’ house!! It was fun but also for the sake of convenience, because Jace and I were going to go for a beach clean up on Sunday at Changi Beach! It was considerably a lot close to travel to Changi Beach from James’ house compared to my house.

For Sunday lunch, I decided to cook James’ current favourite soup, Sinigang! It was also to let his parents try it. It turned out really good as usual. His mom let me use their pressure cooker to tenderise the pork quickly.

After that, went straight to the beach with Jace for the beach cleanup! Grateful to Bev for organising it, cuz I don’t think I would have thought of doing it out of my own free will on a random day. Having a group of friends to do it with makes it a lot easier to enjoy!

It was also a great opportunity to teach Jace how important it was to care for the environment and to keep our beaches and parks clean.

I think overall, it does seem like a good week but I do feel like I need some alone time to wind down. Also a disclaimer that by the time this is posted, two weeks have already passed and that is how bad I am at completing things on time and keeping track of time (-: .

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