good day, bad day

Today went alright. There was nothing really different about today other than the fact that we had a little amateur photoshoot at work.

Had Yong tau foo for lunch with some maggi noodles and it tasted really good. I felt that I was productive today.

After work, I went to watch a movie with some of my colleagues and James. It was Gintama! I didn’t really understand it but I felt that it was still pretty good and I did get emotional because it reminded me of other animes that I’ve watched before.

In fact, as I recall my day, I would say it was a pretty good day. Despite this, I felt that I was emotionally unbalanced. I don’t think anyone else noticed it because I acted the way I usually do, but I felt like I was easily annoyed by everything and that I had a lot of negative thoughts flowing through my head.

Little things that I would normally brush off or not even notice really bothered me, and on the bus ride home I found myself really angry at two ladies behind me who wouldn’t stop talking really loudly in Chinese, and I could hear them over the loud techno music playing in my earphones.

Honestly, it’s normal to be annoyed but I really hate catching myself feeling that way. The anger that has been accumulating throughout the day really had me cursing those two ladies in my head who were otherwise harmless, and probably weren’t aware and intentionally annoying the shit outta me. It’s the displaced and unreasonable anger I had that I don’t like.

I ended up laying in bed when I got home watching tiktoks instead of being productive because I was just so exhausted and I felt like nothing could drown out the angry noise in my head except for the senseless garbage of social media.

Hopefully, I feel better tomorrow.

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