I’ve been to this place five times since I’ve discovered it in December 2020 – I think that’s enough to say how much I love it. Thanks so much to N for bringing me there the first time!

top: wasabi chirashi bowl
bottom: truffle wagyu bowl with foie gras

The outlet I’ve been going to is Marina One. I like the place; it’s not too crowded and the ambience is amazing. S said going to Marina One feels like “going on holiday” and I think that’s a good way to describe it. It’s a cool residential and office building with a few retail shops and restaurants in the middle of CBD. Going to Waacow! is a good excuse to check the place out.

I’ve been to the one at Raffles Place with mom once though! Different kind of ambience, but still nice, and way more convenient to get to compared to Marina One.

Dinner with Mom at

M, KW, James and I had our New Year’s Eve dinner there and they loved it! KW said it was “the best rice bowl” he’s ever had. I love the Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl with foie gras. Full of flavour and the meat is cooked to perfection. Since James was there, we decided to order an extra bowl to share which was the Wasabi Chirashi Bowl. It was alright but I wouldn’t order it again. I just didn’t feel like the wasabi flavour was strong enough. It felt a bit diluted.

The other time I went there was with James, mom and my bro. The new thing on the menu that we tried was Braised Butadon Bowl(basically pork belly) which was soooo good too. Flavourful and tender as well. James described it as “same as those expensive char siew in Malaysia” LOL. Still, the Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl has my heart.

Literally just talking about the food there is making me crave it again OMG.

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