Have you eaten?

It’s moments like those that I feel like I’m doing this whole parenting thing right.

Lately, i’ve been finding myself really grateful that i’ve been lucky with Jace. Parenting is hard, but I feel like having a kid like Jace makes it easier. Whenever people ask me what it’s like to care for him, I always tell them that he’s such a great kid; never thrown any tantrums, doesn’t cry easily and is generally obedient (to me, at least hahaha!).

I’ll be honest, i actually am not very fond of kids. I guess God put Jace in my life to change my mind, but all it made me think is that Jace is an extra smart and good kid and everyone else’s kids suck HAHA.

Sometimes it feels kinda weird to me because his paternal side of the family and I take turns to care for him, and sometimes they tell me when he’s stubborn and when he misbehaves. It doesn’t feel like they’re describing my son. It’s not that I doubt them, but I just feel a little disappointed because he’s not like that with me and I wish he didn’t give other people a hard time.

People guess that it’s probably because the time he has with me is more limited which is why he wants to be better behaved with me and spend the time happy rather than getting reprimanded which makes sense!

I still feel that the way I handle Jace is why he’s the way he is. Never underestimate children, they’re a lot smarter than you think. I don’t believe in physically disciplining kids (caning, spanking etc.). Having the patience to sit then down, talking to them and explaining to them “why” is a lot more effective and helps them think for themselves. A lot of kids grow up thinking something is wrong but not why.

Well, I also can’t speak too soon because Jace is only 7, and I still have a lot more years to spend raising him HAHA. Who knows how difficult his rebellious phases would be!

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