Okay that looks like a very distressing title but let me clarify that I didn’t mean for it to sound that way LOL. I wanted to write this to say that since I started blogging again I’ve actually been feeling better, and I’ve actually started becoming more productive too!

I finally got started on cleaning my room. Although it’s still got a long way to go before I’m actually satisfied with the way it looks, I’ve dusted my shelves, changed my bedsheets, did my laundry, cleaned my mirrors and tidied up my closet.

At the same time, things aren’t perfect but I guess they’ll never be. I realised that so much has happened in 2020 that I’ve become so vulnerable and easy to anger. It’s definitely something that I need to fix because I never saw myself as someone who had anger issues before.

I hate feeling angry or bitter, but I find that my mind just happens to wander to not-so-pleasant memories and it just ruins my whole day. Also I hate my neighbours so much I actually wish they would die. That is a new feeling to me.

Especially today, I feel like since the moment I woke up I’ve been on my toes all day chasing after things or being chased after. At least now my working hours are over and I should feel more comfortable switching into relax mode. Also looking forward to meeting K for dinner at my favourite soba place and playing each others’ therapists LOL!

Baby steps, I guess. Blogging/journalling being the first one to get the ball rolling. I should get back on a workout routine soon!

The night ended on a much better note after soba with K, as expected! Also, as soon as I got home, I found my gifts waiting for me!

My new Ticwatch is a super early Christmas gift from James, only because buying it now while it’s on sale would be the smart thing to do compared to buying it later at full retail price just to stick to the schedule! I had so much fun playing with my new toy and I can’t wait to utilize it!

I also ordered a gold krylon paint marker to embellish James’ prints! It’s so good and so much better than I expected it to be. Shoutout to James too for letting me experiment and trace over his print!! It was so satisfying but I really need to work on my tracing skills LOL. Sneak peak of it on the cover photo!

I was in such a good mood that I also finally did my full night time skincare routine for the first time in months too. I’m actually shocked that I almost gave up on it because I used to be so enthusiastic about skincare and grooming and I didn’t realise how much motivation I’ve lost for even the little things.

Thankful for the way the day has ended, but now it’s almost 3am and it’s time to catch up on some sleep!

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