happy valentine’s day… NOT!

It started out a normal day. In fact, I was having a great morning because I woke up early and I decided to dress nice and maybe do my hair. In the end, I didn’t have time to do my hair. In the end, I didn’t even make it out of the house.

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chop, chop, chop you up!

Manifesting a negative ART for the rest of this pandemic! ART tests have become such a staple in our everyday lives. Just awhile ago, they didn’t exist; now they’re everywhere! Like everything, someday, they will also become a thing of the past. I’d be looking back at this post in a few years and suddenly be reminded that this exists HAHA.

Real talk, I skipped blogging this whole week so I’m just going to fast-forward and summarize my week and the events that happened. Just know, I haven’t made much progress with my daily routine HAHA. I mean, I can’t even get myself to stick to blogging so I’m not sure what I’m expecting.

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Fake weekend

I’m calling it that because it was two days, and also everybody kept confusing them as actual weekdays. When we got back to work on Thursday, my manager asked me “how was the weekend” and there were many occurrences similar to that!

Also, as a non-chinese and non-traditional person, Lunar New Year is a rather insignificant event for me so it felt like any other weekend. The average Chinese person would have to do visiting and their usual traditions of exchanging red packets and oranges. Oh yes, and playing mahjong and banluck!

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