personal diary

At first, I felt weird that I no longer posted on here as often as I used to. I always felt like it helped me. I still read through my old posts sometimes, not because I miss the past, but because it felt nice to see how much I’ve grown, the thoughts and feelings I went through throughout different stages of my life, how I dealt with them, my thought processes and all that.

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chop, chop, chop you up!

Manifesting a negative ART for the rest of this pandemic! ART tests have become such a staple in our everyday lives. Just awhile ago, they didn’t exist; now they’re everywhere! Like everything, someday, they will also become a thing of the past. I’d be looking back at this post in a few years and suddenly be reminded that this exists HAHA.

Real talk, I skipped blogging this whole week so I’m just going to fast-forward and summarize my week and the events that happened. Just know, I haven’t made much progress with my daily routine HAHA. I mean, I can’t even get myself to stick to blogging so I’m not sure what I’m expecting.

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