baby steps

I wanted to talk about how shitty I’ve been feeling lately, then I suddenly learned that mercury is in retrograde… so… it seems to be appropriate to blame it on that LOL.

** this post is 2 months overdue oops

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LGBTQ? Human rights?

I had a conversation with my mom this morning. She was listening to Catholic radio as usual; I don’t usually like it and I don’t usually agree with political views that are expressed on air (prolife etc).

I’d like to add a disclaimer that this wasn’t posted to disrespect my mom or anyone with differing opinions!

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New Year (Again)

It feels a lot different this year; the whole holiday, Christmas and New Year season. Everything was just too different from the usual because of CoVID. There weren’t any big parties or vacations, but I was still grateful for the small gatherings that we could have. I’m still telling myself to constantly count my blessings, but it was just very underwhelming and disappointing to me. I guess it’s okay to be sad about missing the way things used to be.

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